Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Music: Afro Candy - No Time For HaterZ


Afro candy releases a brand new single slamming the haterZ. Yeah, no time for all you haterZ out there. #NoTime

I Wore Boots!

Hi dear!
I got a story to tell you today, just sit back with a drink in your hands and enjoy the tale.

Ok, so I met London Boy again and he was like ''why don't you wear cover shoes, it'll look nice when you wear cover shoes than open toes flips since you don't wear heels '', i told him i seldom wear shoes because of  the naija weather.  Who wants to smell like Britney Spears stinky feet, no not me.  
Just so you'll know i'm like an iroko, taller than most people i meet, even taller than London boy buh it's cool though. I decided to wear boots to show i got other foot wears other than open toes flips'. I wore these boots out and it was really cool except for the stares which is synonymous with naija peeps! coupled with the negative comments. ''i like your shoe o'' ''this boots are for men o'' ''nella this your shoe no be for here o ''   Yeah talk to the hands haters.Cool boots #ILike o. How Do I Look?
Please stay tuned for nite mare on ofavcovo street, what a nite mare!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wizkid Set To Move Into New House (PHOTOS)

Starboy, Wizkid shared this info on twitter a few minutes ago.

Nigerian Accent VS The British Accent

I'm proud of my Nigerian accent but to be honest i don't blame those who fake the British or the American accent. I have a friend (lets refer to him as London boy). London boy has a British accent. Anytime London boy speaks, i'll be like 'Speak slowly, i can't understand you', he will then break it down in pidgin English. Ok, i felt embarrassed at first but later got used to it. London boy talks alot and when he speaks the first few words are incomprehensible i'll just be nodding 'yeah yeah, true true' with my Nigerian accent, but be able to decode it after a few seconds. I tried to form the accent, lol, but felt really stupid, the sad part is that i can't even form an accent. I noticed the Nigerian accent when spoken alongside someone with the British accent is kinda sexy. I still like my Nigerian accent tho. What accent do you have or fake to have?

Compliments My Dear

Compliments my dear, how i've missed you... yes you reading this piece. Welcome to a wonderful year. A new year filled with aspirations inspired by hopes of potential future. Cheers to 2012 welcome to 2013. Lord help us choose to dwell on the good thoughts. Thoughts that would build us up rather than tear us down. Thank you Lord for renewing our mind, body and soul. Most of all, thank you for giving me a fresh new attitude of HOPE. Happy New Year Friends!